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Where quality meets expectations
Welcome to  Antique Restoration  Service ! 

We are specialized in conservation and  invisible restoration of fine art objects made of porcelain, pottery, stone, marble, ivory, and wood .

All varieties of ceramics manufactured by Roseville, Rookwood, Weller, Wedgwood, Hull, Hummel, Lladro, Royal Doulton, Meissen and other companies can be restored  in our studio to their original look. Missing parts can be reconstructed either from similar existing fragments by making  molds, or from the picture of the item by free hand sculpturing. We can achieve almost original texture and finish by using synthetic materials and perfect match of color. 

We also repair glass and crystal. Due to the nature of glass, it is impossible to do invisible restoration if the item was broken. In this case, we can glue the pieces back together using an adhesive with the reflective index similar to glass. This  makes joints less noticeable, especially on cut glass and crystal.  Chips on the  rims of glasses and goblets can be ground  down, and the whole rim  then polished to achieve  its original look.

Our  oil paintings restoration service  offers cleaning, lining, retouching and varnishing of old and new oil paintings on canvas base.

All our works are done in a short period of time  (from 6 to 8 weeks), using advanced materials.  Every piece is given maximum attention and care.

We are located in Michigan and provide quality services to  the  nationwide customers for a fair price.  

If you need  professional restoration of your heirlooms or collectibles,  call us today for a 
free estimate at  810-659-5582 or
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